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Evelyn Hickey, MS

Evelyn Hickey became an integral part of the One 8 Solutions team in late September 2023. Based in Rhode Island, she brings to the table a wealth of knowledge and expertise in finance and accounting, with a remarkable career spanning over 10 years, including 5 years in a management capacity.

Prior to joining One 8 Solutions, Evelyn carved out a successful career in the Corporate Finance and Accounting Departments of major Medical Sales organizations. Her professional journey has been marked by a consistent dedication to enhancing company revenue and productivity through meticulous cost analysis.

Evelyn is adept at leveraging her skills to lead teams effectively, thriving in high-pressure environments by setting and achieving goals through trusted best practices. Her technical proficiency encompasses various software applications, including QuickBooks, Excel, and SQL. Beyond her technical prowess, Evelyn possesses a diverse set of professional skills, including exceptional communication, problem-solving abilities, and a keen aptitude for data analytics.

Driven by a passion for process improvements, Evelyn is committed to implementing procedural documentation that elevates operational efficiency within the organization. With her extensive background and commitment to excellence, Evelyn Hickey is a valuable asset to the One 8 Solutions team.