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Jacki Galauskas, MBA

Jacki Galauakas recently joined the One 8 Solutions team as a Bookkeeper in March 2024, bringing with her a wealth of experience spanning over 25 years in various sectors of business finance. With a strong background in advertising, consulting, and online retail, Jacki has navigated through the intricacies of Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and beyond, demonstrating her expertise every step of the way.

Armed with an MBA in Entrepreneurship, Jacki not only offers invaluable insights but also eagerly absorbs knowledge from every business she encounters. Her diverse professional journey has equipped her with a keen understanding of financial intricacies, enabling her to tailor solutions that drive success.

Joining One 8 Solutions presents Jacki with the exciting prospect of contributing her expertise to our esteemed client base while continuing her journey of learning and growth. We’re thrilled to welcome Jacki aboard and look forward to the unique perspectives and unwavering dedication she brings to our team.