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Sandra Ursulo, MBA

Sandra Ursulo is our esteemed Operations Manager at One 8 Solutions. She joined our team in September 2023, bringing a wealth of expertise and enthusiasm to her role. Sandra’s contributions are invaluable when collaborating closely with our team of Advanced Certified QuickBooks® Professionals.

A highly accomplished accounting professional, Sandra holds an MBA with a focus on Organizational Management from California Lutheran University in Riverside, CA. Her journey in the accounting field has been truly remarkable.

In 2020, Sandra assumed the role of Operations Manager at a prestigious bookkeeping firm, where she discovered her true passion. With a keen dedication to excellence, Sandra focuses on crafting finely tuned accounting departments. She fosters a culture of collaboration, productivity, and individual accountability, empowering cross-functional teams to thrive.

We’re thrilled to welcome Sandra aboard and eagerly anticipate the unique perspectives and unwavering dedication she brings to our team.