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Do You Have ‘”The Right Stuff?”

By July 8, 2021September 7th, 2023No Comments

“Do You Have The Right Stuff?”

Hot off the press! According to the recent announcement by Insightful Accountant, Jonathan Bello, Founder and CEO at One 8 Solutions, has “The Right Stuff.”  He was just awarded the Top 100 ProAdvisor 2021 for the 5th straight year in a row. This leads us to ask, “Now that Jonathan has a five-peat winning streak going, what ARE the traits of a Top 100 Pro Advisor?” Which may make you wonder, “Are you working with a firm that has the “Right Stuff?” 

5 Traits of a Top 100 ProAdvisor 

According to this recent article by Matt Fulton for The Insightful Accountant, an independent news and information source written specifically for the small business advisor in accounting technology, there are five important traits that factor into the selection of the prestigious Top 100 ProAdvisor list each year.  

  1. Strong Work Ethic– A strong work ethic is the dedication to going beyond the paycheck and tasks to finding solutions to help business owners achieve their goals. There is no stopping someone with a strong work ethic as they find challenges to be opportunities to be overcome.
  2. Desire to Learn– Business owners must juggle many plates to keep things going and when they don’t have the answers, they’re not afraid to learn or hire someone to do it for them. Jonathan is an on-going learner in all things accounting. So, when QuickBooks comes out with a new product or service offering, Jonathan doesn’t hesitate to sign up to learn.
  3. Willingness to Teach– Sharing knowledge and discussing ideas with others is one of the hallmarks of being a good teacher. Jonathan enjoys speaking opportunities as a catalyst to deepen his knowledge and educate others. He has participated in several webinars, video seminars, and interviews which not only elevates his game but others’ as well.
  4. Adaptable to Change– Accounting is an ever-changing industry and being a business owner requires you to be nimble. For example, he and his team trained and then transitioned the company’s QuickBooks from desktop to digital as a means of learning new methodologies to stay current and work faster and smarter. “We need to morph,” Jonathan says, “and we are here to help our clients evolve along with us.”
  5. The Wisdom of Humility– It is great to share successes through social media, but it is also important to share the lessons learned along the way. The wisdom of humility comes when you don’t always have the answer and can respond honestly by saying, “I don’t know, but I’ll find out and get back to you.” Jonathan deems himself as “The reluctant accountant,” because he admits that he didn’t start out wanting to be an accountant. He tried working for one of the big 8 firms in Boston at the time and realized the corporate world wasn’t for him. What he did learn from that experience, however, was that he enjoyed managing accounting for small to mid-sized businesses and helping people more directly with their accounting goals. And the rest is history.

At One 8 Solutions, we don’t take awards and accolades lightly. We are always on the path towards putting in our “10,000 hours” or trying to uphold the five traits of a Top 100 ProAdvisor because we know it’s more than recognition. It’s an ongoing commitment to having the “Right Stuff” as a company and to share, teach and manage those vital business solutions for others. That way you, our client, have greater control of your business journey. 

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