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Team Member Spotlight: Julie Silverio – Congratulations!

By January 11, 2024No Comments

Julie Gang Green WHLB Jan 2024At One 8 Solutions, we believe in celebrating the unique talents and passions of our team members. In this edition of our Team Member Spotlight, we are thrilled to showcase Julie Silverio, one of our exceptional Accounting Specialists who is more than just a number cruncher.

Beyond the world of balance sheets and financial statements, Julie brings her passion for sports to the forefront. As a proud member of the North Shore Women’s Hockey League of Boston (WHLB), Julie skates with the formidable team known as Gang Green. We’re excited to share the exhilarating news that last week, Gang Green emerged victorious in the C/D Fall Championship!

It’s not every day that we get to celebrate our team members’ accomplishments on and off the job, and Julie’s success with Gang Green is truly inspiring. The dedication and teamwork she demonstrates on the ice mirror the qualities that make her an invaluable asset to the One 8 Solutions family.

Julie’s commitment to excellence extends beyond her role as an Accounting Specialist. Whether she’s meticulously managing financial data or scoring goals on the hockey rink, Julie embodies the spirit of hard work, collaboration, and achievement that defines our company culture.

At One 8 Solutions, we understand that our team is composed of individuals with diverse talents and interests. Julie’s achievement with Gang Green serves as a testament to the fact that our team members are not confined to their professional roles—they are dynamic individuals contributing to their communities in meaningful ways.

Congratulations, Julie, and the entire Gang Green team! Your victory in the C/D Fall Championship is a source of pride for us all at One 8 Solutions. As we continue to grow and succeed together, let’s celebrate the achievements that make each member of our team truly exceptional.

Here’s to more victories, both in the world of finance and on the hockey rink!