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Team Member Spotlight – Tara Jackson

By September 29, 2022No Comments

Team Member Spotlight – Tara Jackson

horse named Versace

At One 8 Solutions, our team members are not just number crunchers. In fact, many of us at One 8 Solutions are animal lovers and Tara is taking it to another level. In this Team Member Spotlight, we would like to showcase Tara Jackson one of our Accounting Specialists.

Tara and her daughter Mya have a passion for horses which led them to start a business together in March of this year called, M&T Equine. Their goal is to help the horses in need, get them the care they need, retrain them if needed, and find a new forever home for the horses. They spend a lot of time hunting on websites (such as,, and, tracking down leads from people they meet, reach out to trainers, farriers, and barn owners who have horses for sale.

image of a horseSome of these horses are in rough shape such as a horse named Cash. Mya knew a young lady who rides with her, who owns Cash, and had purchased him right

off the race track. She had him for about 4 months but unfortunately could not afford to feed him the proper amount required. Something that is often the case went taking on large animals. Cash was about 300 pounds underweight. They needed to feed him three times a day and give him supplements and beet pulp over 4 months to get his weight up. Soon Cash will be able to find his forever home with another owner.

Another horse that Tara and Mya took on is Versace who has a genetic problem with his leg, and it was suspected of being illegally raced. They did extensive training with him so he would be more familiar with people riding him for pleasure. He now has his forever home with a young lady who gives him lots of attention daily.

horse named CashTara and Mya house their horses at Hacienda Sosegado Stables in Hemet, CA. They currently have four horses they are working with and one, named Kahlua is ready for sale and rehoming. For more inquiries, please reach out to Tara Jackson at