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Discover the Heartwarming Tales of Our Equine Heroes: Meet Tara and Mya Jackson!

By April 11, 2024No Comments

king jumpingHere at One 8 Solutions, our team embodies more than just number-crunching prowess. Take a peek behind the scenes, and you’ll find a dynamic duo, Tara Jackson-Lee and Mya Jackson, who are not only accounting wizards but also passionate advocates for our four-legged friends.

Mya Jackson and KingMya Jackson, a spirited entrepreneur with an undeniable love for equines, joined forces with her mother, Tara Jackson-Lee, to co-found M&T Equine in March 2022. Their shared vision? To be the voice for horses in need, providing them with essential care, rehabilitation, and, ultimately, loving forever homes.

But don’t let the heartwarming tales fool you – this mother-daughter duo means business. While their mission tugs at heartstrings, they’re also in it for the win. Though not yet profitable as a whole, they revel in the victories, big and small, along the way.

Last year, Mya set her sights on a lofty goal: to sell a high-end horse within a year. And guess what? Just four months after acquiring King, they waved him off to his new home, pocketing an $8,000 profit! With the help of a skilled trainer, King transformed into a dazzling Hunter/Jumper, ready to dazzle in the show ring.

Their success stories don’t end there. Take Simon, for instance – a horse they recently rehomed as a promising hunter prospect.

And then there’s Benny – a horse whose story embodies resilience and redemption. Sold over a year ago, Benny’s journey took a heartwarming turn after the buyer neglected him, claiming he’d become dangerous. Fearing for Benny’s future, Tara and Mya stepped in, purchasing him back. Since then, Benny has flourished in training, proving that with love and attention, every horse can shine. Now, Benny enjoys working with little kids, showcasing his gentle nature and eagerness to please.

But it’s not all smooth sailing – Tara and Mya have faced their fair share of challenges, from puzzling allergies to complicated surgeries. But they spare no effort in ensuring each horse’s well-being, going above and beyond to provide the care they need.

BourbonSituated at Liston Stables in Perris, CA, They also have consignment locations where their trainers are located – Breezeway Farms, Temecula, CA, Poway Equestrian Center in Poway, CA and MB Show Stables in Temecula, CA. Tara and Mya’s haven welcomes inquiries. Whether you’re in search of a new equine companion or simply want to learn more about their noble cause, drop them a line at or visit their website.

Join us in celebrating Tara and Mya – the unstoppable force behind M&T Equine, where compassion and commerce collide, one hoofbeat at a time.