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Case study: Building a Booming Bookkeeping Practice

By October 19, 2020September 7th, 2023No Comments

With more than 30,000 clients, Anderson Business Advisors had a strong and successful business model, but the firm realized there was room for improvement when it came to the firm’s bookkeeping services. Historically, Anderson requested that clients use QuickBooks® Desktop, which the clients were happy with. However, the firm wanted to move to a system that would allow for more collaboration, create opportunities to educate clients, and play a more active role in their clients’ business planning.

The solution

Anderson wanted a collaborative, intuitive, automated solution that could incorporate its educational philosophy. The answer was QuickBooks® Online.

The decision was about more than technology. As Intuit’s® strategic accounting partner, Anderson has the support of an entire dedicated team, including a business development manager, product consultants, professional services, and national account support. From educating staff, to helping onboard clients, to QuickBooks® Online, Intuit makes sure Anderson and its clients have everything they need to succeed.

Anderson Quote

With its tech stack solidified and a solid partnership established, Anderson began to grow its new practice, which took off quickly and grew exponentially. “When we first started working closely with Intuit, we had fewer than 100 clients on QuickBooks® Online, and we now have well over 1,000,” said Blanca Lemus, bookkeeping team supervisor.

Internally, Anderson was able to create an efficient, cooperative workflow between the bookkeeping department and the tax group, eliminating the need to share backup copies and wait for others to provide critical financial data. And, when COVID-19 hit, QuickBooks® Online helped the firm take fast action to guide its clients through various PPP and loan applications. Collectively, Anderson helped its clients receive more than $2 million in funding from PPP, as well another $10 million in economic injury disaster loans.

The result

After just three years, Anderson now provides bookkeeping services to approximately 1,400 QuickBooks® Online clients. That’s a big number, but one that represents just 6 percent of the firm’s total client base, so there’s still plenty of room to grow.

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Choosing QuickBooks® Online for its bookkeeping platform was a game changer, said Troy Butler, bookkeeping manager. “I’m so proud of what we’ve accomplished as a firm over the past several years, but there are still so many more clients we can help. QuickBooks® Online will be the solution that grows with us, as we continue to reach more of our clients. I want bookkeeping to be at the forefront of what we do as a firm.”

We hold ourselves accountable to you

Just as you are accountable to your clients, at Intuit, we take pride in being accountable to you. We are committed to partnering with large firms to invest in your success. Our strategic accounts team is ready to help you succeed every step of the way, whether you’re rolling out a new program or transitioning to QuickBooks® Online. When it comes to technology, we’ll work every day to be your trusted advisor, so you can be a trusted advisor to your clients. Our goal is simple: to make your firm look like a hero in the eyes of your clients.

Original article by Kim Austin, published on the Firm of the Future Blog.

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