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Everything you need to know about the QuickBooks® Business Network

By September 6, 2022September 13th, 2022No Comments

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What is the QuickBooks Business Network?

The QuickBooks® Business Network lets QuickBooks Online customers find and add other QuickBooks Online customers to their contacts. Members can request to get contact information provided and updated by their customers and vendors and can send or receive invoices through the network automatically. These new automation tools help QuickBooks Online customers streamline workflows, better predict their cash flow, and reduce manual entry tasks.

Get QuickBooks accuracy

When adding a new contact or sending an invoice, you’ll be able to search a directory of thousands of businesses that use QuickBooks Online. Instead of chasing down contact information for your customers and vendors, we’ll automatically populate forms with the contact details they provide. This means you can skip slow manual entry, and you have the peace of mind that you’ve got all the right information on hand.

Get bills directly in QuickBooks

When you send an invoice as a QuickBooks Business Network member, it goes straight to your customer’s books. They get a notification within QuickBooks Online, in addition to the usual email. From there, they’ll be able to review the invoice and save it as a payable bill.* Instead of manually uploading and typing in the details of the invoice, a digital copy with all the info is already filled in and ready to schedule for payment. Learn more about this convenient QuickBooks Business Network feature here.

Why should I be a member of the QuickBooks Business Network?

The QuickBooks Business Network will help you reliably work with other businesses using QuickBooks Online. Only members of the QuickBooks Business Network will be able to streamline their workflow with automated invoicing and billing to schedule payments and get paid faster. Get the most out of QuickBooks Online by using the latest tools to save time and minimize errors from slow manual tasks.

What information can I see about other members?

Any QuickBooks Online customer can search for a QuickBooks Business Network member by company name. After finding your customer or vendor in the QuickBooks Business Network search, you can send a request to add them to your network contacts. When they accept, you’ll see their business contact information and can send invoices through the network directly to their books.

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QuickBooks Online customers can see your company name, website, and city, state, and ZIP code. After you send or accept a network request, your business email, phone number and street address will show to the network contact only.

These are the details that are commonly found on invoices and company letterhead. Any other information associated with your QuickBooks Online account won’t be shown in the QuickBooks Business Network.

You can view your customer-facing contact information from Account and Settings inside your QuickBooks Online account. Be sure to update it so that your network contacts have accurate information from you.

How can I become a QuickBooks Business Network member?

This feature is currently available to a limited group. We are working to make this feature available to more QuickBooks customers and will notify you when there are updates.

How does Intuit use my customer-facing business contact information?

For the QuickBooks Business Network, we use your customer-facing business contact information to do the hard work for you—such as automatically filling in invoices, bills, and new contact forms, so you can get back to doing business and reaching your financial goals. We also use this information to power the accounts payable automation feature, which makes it possible to send invoices directly to your customers’ QuickBooks account.

QuickBooks is committed to protecting your privacy. We promise to never sell your personal information. For more information about how we keep your data secure, visit our Privacy and Security Center.

Can I change the visibility of my business in the QuickBooks Business Network?

If you don’t want your business to be searchable in the QuickBooks Business Network, you can go to Account and Settings > Advanced > QuickBooks Business Network, and change your visibility at any time. Doing so won’t affect your QuickBooks account.

Once you turn off your visibility, members of the QuickBooks Business Network will not be able to search and find your business. Sending and receiving invoices through the network directly to a QuickBooks account will not be available for any new contacts you add.

*Note: Accounts payable automation feature not available for Simple Start customers. Use of the QuickBooks Business Network for spam, marketing, or other activities which violate applicable Intuit terms of service is strictly prohibited. You may only view and connect with other QuickBooks Business Network members located in your geography. All Business Information is provided by QuickBooks Online customers and not independently verified or endorsed by Intuit.


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