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Inside QuickBooks®’ Upcoming Price Increase

By May 31, 2022October 6th, 2022No Comments

QuickBooks soon will increase its price as it moves from an accounting solution to more of a business solution with a suite of included features.

Intuit QuickBooks sent out an email recently from Ted Callahan, Director Accountant Segment Leader, and Miranda Henely, Global Head of ProAdvisor Program, about the price changes for QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Payroll.

“Why are we making these changes?

Based on increasing demand for QuickBooks Online and its mission to help its customers thrive, QuickBooks is accelerating its investment in QBO platform products. Recent QBO improvements resulting from our investments include:

  • Improved QBO speed by 12% and maintained 99.9% uptime for the last 12 months
  • Improved customer support, agent knowledge and decreased wait times by half
  • New integrations with QuickBooks Online Advanced, which greatly improve our capabilities around data and insights, including PandaDoc, Centage and Spreadsheet Sync
  • New automated recurring payments and Get Paid Upfront invoicing in QBO so you do not have to wait for your clients and funds to start working
  • New Books Review and Transaction Collaboration in QBO for Accountants to work more efficiently with clients
  • Improved migration workflow and new onboarding guides for moving clients from Desktop to QBO (Ted Callahan)

QuickBooks Online Pricing

Below is a description of the price changes for QBO. There are no price changes to QuickBooks Online Self-Employed pricing currently.

The new QBO pricing will go into effect as follows for the different subscription types:

  • Simple Start & Essential (July 1, 2022)
  • All new subscriptions, upgrades or downgrades (July 18, 2022)
  • Plus & Advanced (Aug. 1, 2022)
  • Subscriptions enrolled before July 18th through ProAdvisor Preferred Pricing program (Sept. 1, 2022)



QuickBooks Online Payroll

The price per employee has increased to $5 for Payroll Core. With QuickBooks contractor direct deposit, the monthly fee is changing from $4 per-contractor, to $15 per month for up to 20 contractors and $2 for each additional contractor enabled for direct deposit.

SNH 2022 970x150

The new QuickBooks Online Payroll pricing will go into effect as follows:

  • Existing customers who pay for their subscription on Simple Start or Essentials. (July 1, 2022)
  • All new subscriptions, upgrades, or downgrades (Jul 18, 2022)
  • Plus & Advanced (Aug 1, 2022)
  • Subscriptions enrolled before July 18th through ProAdvisor Preferred Pricing program. (Sept. 1, 2022)

QuickBooks Online Desktop

QuickBooks Desktop pricing changes have not yet been finalized. We will let you know as soon as they are. Here are some details to keep in mind:

QuickBooks Desktop 2023 products will be available for accountants on Sept. 6, 2022 and Sept. 20, 2022 for general release to small businesses.

You will receive notification in early August regarding the following expected price increases:

  • QuickBooks Desktop ProAdvisor Bundle
  • QuickBooks Desktop Enhanced Payroll per-employee cost
  • QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus, Mac Plus and Premier Plus

For more questions and answers related to the QuickBooks Desktop changes, visit the QuickBooks Desktop FAQs HERE.

Fathom reports will soon be replaced for QuickBooks Online Advanced users. Since QuickBooks Online Advanced has evolved and grown over the last few years, they have greatly improved their data and insights capabilities. Spreadsheet SyncCustom Report Builder and the Performance Center in QuickBooks Online Advanced have enhanced its customers’ ability to track and report on the most important data to manage and grow their business.

Find out more about the decision to no longer include Fathom in QuickBooks Online Advanced HERE.


Original Source: Insightful Accountant Blog by Liz Scott.

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