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Intuit Acquires Data Analytics Startup Origami Logic To Accelerate Platform

By June 1, 2020September 7th, 2023No Comments


This year, [Intuit] declared several technology initiatives to help us achieve our bold and aspirational goal to become an AI-driven expert platform. This is an exciting next chapter in our transformational journey, as we look to uncover key insights to help our customers better manage their finances and their lives. A critical component of our success is rich, clean data that will allow us to unlock the power of technology for our customers through smarter products, improved anti-fraud and risk, enhanced customer care, and faster developer operations.

I’m excited to share that [Intuit] just announced that we’ve signed an agreement to acquire Origami Logic, a company that will enhance the infrastructure and team already working on organizing, understanding and using data to help customers manage their finances with more confidence, ease and convenience.

Origami Logic is known for its data platform that has traditionally been applied to marketing use cases. But why would Intuit acquire a MarTech company?  While it’s a surprising choice on the surface, for a technologist, the answer is simple. The massive task of collecting, refining, organizing and analyzing high volumes of data and turning that information into usable insights is a problem that is not unique to marketing – it’s a universal challenge.

As a CTO, I was fascinated by how they solved this data problem and began thinking about broader applications for the platform they had created. How can we look at what they built today, and apply it to the products of the future? What are the transferable skills and tools that we can leverage as we embark on our next transformation?

Initially, Origami set out to leverage AI/ML to draw insights from an increasingly fragmented digital marketing landscape. Early in the endeavor, Origami impressively came to the realization that an important precursor to effectively leveraging AI/ML was the ability to gather data from multiple sources and synchronize it into an integrated data set with built-in variability and flexibility. As a result, the team spent five years building a highly configurable, enterprise-scale data integration, ingestion and analytics platform.

The resulting technology is a deep suite of components designed to interface and connect with widely disparate sources, organize them into a coherent, modern and flexible model, and generate holistic insights for a variety of needs. It became clear that Origami’s technology platform, built to solve marketing use cases, could be transformed into broader applications.

As part of this transaction, we not only gain a highly technical team with deep expertise in building and scaling data systems, we also gain the platform itself, which will provide long-term value as we imagine a variety of use cases for which we could use this technology, including within our own internal infrastructure.

I’m excited to welcome the leaders, their product and engineering team to the Intuit family as we advance our AI strategy.

Let’s power prosperity together!

Original Source: Intuit Blog, May 28, 2019  by Marianna Tessel

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