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QuickBooks Desktop 2023 – Release Update R4_69

By March 13, 2023March 20th, 2023No Comments

Intuit is pushing out what they are calling the R4_69 update to QuickBooks 2023 Desktop Products, including Enterprise 23.0.

This represents a change in the “published naming nomenclature,” even if it does not represent a different way in reflecting updates within the product itself (as shown in the F2 Product Information window highlighted in red box below). You may remember it has only been within the last year or so that Intuit started also designating release updates by Month/Date—this being the March-2023 update.

You may start seeing this update if you have automatic updates turned on, otherwise you can check for manual updates from the Help menu.

You can manually download the update from this Official Intuit QuickBooks Downloads and Updates Webpage (product/version specific).

Intuit pushes out release updates to resolve issues, fix problems and to enhance the experience for QuickBooks Desktop users.

If you don’t want this update automatically downloaded, now is the time to turn-off Auto Updates.

This March 2023 update to QuickBooks 2023 Desktop—including Pro Plus, Premier Plus and Enterprise v23.0—products includes:

Web-connector changes

  • Addition of a new preference type “umpnotneeded” added to consent screen. This option turns off the unattended access option in the consent screen, to give developers the option to integrate the app and perform data sync only when QuickBooks is up and running.

I will discuss the potential implications of this change in my closing paragraphs about “Is Now the Time to Update?” If you use the Web Connector, make certain to read the related issues and discuss the implications with your third-party product developers prior to updating. If you do not use Web Connector, this really is not an issue for you.

Inventory (Item Categorization) Changes

  • The Category Center re-named as Category List, similar to Item List
  • Better understanding of the value (uses) of Item Categories provided by a new Welcome screen
  • Users now can onboard and modify item categories at scale with Categories in Add/Edit multiple list entries, along with the copy-paste from Excel

Is Now the Time to Update?

As far as the Item Category features are concerned, I do not see anything significant here. I was actually using Category in the Add/Edit list before this update. I could care less if the Category List is called List or Center.

And if you have read my articles about Item Categories, I think you probably know as much, if not more, than the new welcome screen is going to teach you. And if you have not read my articles on Item Categories (shame on you), they are listed in the Related Features below.

Apparently, some applications that use the Web Connector have been awaiting this update in order to facilitate SDK integration issues. If you use Web Connector for any third-party applications, I suggest your visit with all your application developers before installing this update to insure compatibility, or if the update is going to require you to wait on any of your application developers to adjust to either the Web Connector or SDK related changes.

You might find yourself in a situation where one application developer is ready for this update, another will not be impacted by the update and another will not be able to guarantee their application will run properly if the update is installed.

So the best option is to check first with all your developers before installing the update and migrating your file.

Maybe You Have Time to Wait and See?

If you are not in a rush to get to any of these few things and you decide to hold off to see what others are saying, you may want to make certain Auto-updates have been turned-off inside QuickBooks until you are ready to proceed with this update.

If you go ahead and install the update as I did, test it out and let us know what you think by posting your experience(s) in the comments section (below) to this article.


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Original article by William “Bill” Murphy, published on the Insightful Accountant Blog

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