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QuickBooks® Online new features and improvements – April 2021

By April 28, 2021September 7th, 2023No Comments

This month brings seamless integration to your sales pipeline and a new dashboard to ease your workflow. If you’re up for a challenge, get a head start on recertification and learn to leverage new product features – so you can elevate your ProAdvisor® game.

What’s new in April

QuickBooks Online Accountant annual recertification

QuickBooks Enterprise Salesforce CRM Connector

QuickBooks Online Accountant annual recertification

In a nutshell: The recertification curriculum has been updated to include the latest features in QuickBooks® Online Accountant and QuickBooks Online, so you can keep your skills sharp and maintain your certification status for another year. Annual recertification is one of the best ways that we keep ProAdvisors up to date with what’s happened in the product since their last exam. If you passed your recertification last summer or took the full certification before November 2020, you’ll need to take this year’s recertification.

For 2021, you’ll be able to recertify between April 19 and June 30. For full details about this year’s recertification, including a list of FAQs, check out Firm of the Future article.

Who has to certify

QuickBooks Enterprise Salesforce CRM Connector

In a nutshell: Integrating QuickBooks Enterprise Diamond with Salesforce CRM Connector brings a seamless flow of data to and from your clients’ sales teams. As a result, you get streamlined workflows and plenty of automation for repetitive tasks. When sales are closed in Salesforce, estimates and invoices will be automatically ready for processing by accounting in QuickBooks Enterprise Diamond.

Your clients’ sales teams can view when invoices have been sent or paid, along with the data they need to serve their customers better, such as inventory status and shipping status. In addition, duplicate data entry is reduced and onboarding support and ready data syncs allow for automation of the lead-to-cash cycle.

Learn more by viewing this “How It Works” video.

Original article from the Firm of the Future Blog.  

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