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QuickBooks Online new features and improvements – September 2023

By September 5, 2023September 14th, 2023No Comments

Whether you’re looking forward to cooler autumn temperatures or pumpkin-spiced drinks at your local coffee shop, September’s got plenty of good stuff in store. To help you ring in this first month of fall, we’ve got new time-saving updates to share with you.

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What’s new in September

Consolidated navigation menu in QuickBooks Online

Introducing QuickBooks Bill Pay

New invoicing for QuickBooks Online officially becomes standard

Access to Payments exception cases at the QuickBooks Resolution Center

Increase of QuickBooks Payments ACH transaction cap to $100,000

New QuickBooks Online Payroll setup automation

Checking, Payments, and Web enhancements to QuickBooks Money

Consolidated navigation menu in QuickBooks Online

In a nutshell: In the past, QuickBooks Online has featured two versions of its navigation menu: Business View and Accountant View. We’re consolidating these two menus into one single navigation, so you and your clients can use the same view for easier collaboration. The menu can also be customized and tailored to fit your unique workflows.  

You can try out this new menu for 30 days, so let us know how it’s working. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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Consolidated navigation menu in QuickBooks Online

Introducing QuickBooks Bill Pay

In a nutshell: No more recording, paying, and reconciling your bills across multiple software products and locations. Now you can streamline your bill payments by doing it all in one place, right inside QuickBooks. QuickBooks Bill Pay is packed with powerful automation designed to help you ditch the time-consuming manual work of paying bills, allowing your clients to:

  • Upload or import invoices to prefill bills, so you can just review and save to your books.
  • Pay all types of bills, vendors, and contractors with one solution.
  • Track vendors and contractors who will need a 1099 issued at the end of the year, then easily file those 1099s with QuickBooks.
  • Assign user roles and permissions, and empower your team to pay bills while limiting their access to the books.
  • Set up bill approval workflows that help you maintain checks and balances for your payments while automating your approval system.
QuickBooks Bill Pay

New invoicing for QuickBooks Online officially becomes standard

In a nutshell: Recently, we gave most users the opportunity to try out our new estimate and invoice layout for QuickBooks Online. The new layout offers access to the latest innovations, more automation tools, an ability to preview what a customer sees—and more. We’re pleased to announce that this layout will be available to everyone, starting with QuickBooks Simple Start in October.

Want to learn more about invoices and estimates in QuickBooks Online? Check out these helpful resources to level up your invoicing expertise:

QuickBooks new invoicing

Access to Payments exception cases in the QuickBooks Resolution Center

In a nutshell: Previously, if your clients had a QuickBooks Payments exception case such as a chargeback or a risk hold, you were unable to view the case file in the QuickBooks Resolution Center. Without this access, you may have only learned about a case if your client told you about it. In addition, you couldn’t track the status of an exception case or respond to it.

With this update, you can now access your clients’ open Payments exception cases in the Resolution Center. There, you’ll find information about what’s happening with the transaction, and what actions are needed to resolve it.

Access to Payments exception cases in the QuickBooks Resolution Center

Increase of QuickBooks Payments ACH transaction cap to $100,000

In a nutshell: In the past, QuickBooks Online Payments customers had a $50,000 cap on any single ACH transaction. Say goodbye to splitting the bill or making multiple ACH payments, because eligible merchants can now make single ACH transactions of up to $100,000. However, keep in mind that this is a cap increase—it doesn’t mean all ACH transactions below $100,000 will be approved.

New QuickBooks Online Payroll setup automation

In a nutshell: Switching to QuickBooks Online Payroll from another payroll solution just got a whole lot easier. No more manually entering all your employee details and year-to-date pay histories during setup. Now, you can batch import that information from Gusto or ADP automatically in just one click. We’ll also give you detailed step-by-step setup instructions on how to download your Gusto or ADP payroll reports, reducing the need for manual entry during setup. 

New QuickBooks Online Payroll setup automation

Checking, Payments, and Web enhancements to QuickBooks Money

In a nutshell: Previously, customers could only access robust banking and payments solutions if they signed up for a QuickBooks Online subscription. As of August 2023, QuickBooks Checking is available in QuickBooks Money, Intuit’s subscription-free money management tool.

With this change, QuickBooks Money customers can now earn competitive APY and set aside money using virtual envelopes in QuickBooks Checking without a subscription. In addition, QuickBooks Money customers can send pay-enabled invoices that offer automated sales tax calculation, automatic reminders, PayPal and Venmo as payment options, partial payments, and payment links.

QuickBooks Money was also only accessible via a Money app for Android and iPhone. Now, QuickBooks Money is available on the web, giving your clients the flexibility to access banking and payments information from virtually any device connected to the internet.

Keep in mind that while your clients can now access a majority of the QuickBooks Checking features in QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Money, there are a few differences. QuickBooks Money doesn’t offer accountant read-only access or connect with QuickBooks Online. However, your clients using QuickBooks Money can easily upgrade to QuickBooks Online and move their QuickBooks Money banking and payments transaction history whenever they’re ready.

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