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Celebrating the Superwomen in Accounting This Women’s History Month

By March 7, 2024July 10th, 2024No Comments

Celebrate women in accounting with usMarch isn’t just about March Madness. It’s also Women’s History Month! And what better time to talk about the incredible women in the world of accounting? As the president of One 8 Solutions, I’m aware and often in awe of the talent and tenacity of women in our field – and in particular at our company.

The women at One 8 Solutions work with our clients on the front end and behind the scenes to keep customer satisfaction at an all-time high and maintain operational excellence. They’re also invaluable in sales, marketing, and building customer relationships. “I can’t imagine not having these talented women by my side,” Jonathan Bello says. “Their contributions are key to One 8 Solutions’ success and our clients’.”

Mary T. Washington WylieMeet Accounting Trailblazers from Long Ago 

No need for a history quiz, but did you know the first woman CPA in the U.S. was Christine Ross, back in 1899, eighteen months after she had taken the exam? And Mary T. Washington Wylie, the first African American woman CPA in 1943. Mary also made it her life’s mission to hire and mentor aspiring Black CPAs; she was a true pioneer. These ladies didn’t just crunch numbers; they broke through concrete ceilings! 125 years later?

Women Dominate the Industry

“The accounting industry isn’t just welcoming to women,” Jonathan Bello says with a smile, “it’s dominated by them. Take a peek at the Top ProAdvisors list – it’s 75% women! As long as I’ve been involved in accounting, a male has never been named ProAdvisor of the Year by Insightful Accountant. Talk about talented women leading the way!” Meet Vanessa Vasquez, ProAdvisor of 2023.

Why Women in Accounting Excel  

Diversity in accounting isn’t just about different perspectives; it’s about practical, workable solutions. Women often lead the way in creating flexible work schedules, which is a game-changer for managing work-life balance. This is crucial, especially for those juggling caregiving responsibilities for kids or aging parents. The U.S. population has never been older than it is today.

Flexibility and Satisfaction at One 8 Solutions

During our recent semi-annual review survey at O8S, almost everyone (men and women) mentioned loving the flexible work schedule. This isn’t just a perk – it’s a major reason why our team members enjoy working here and stay. It’s even listed in our hiring handbook. We value our staff’s time and life outside work, and that’s a big win for everyone working here.

Leadership with a Twist

Are there more women in leadership roles in accounting? Definitely. More women are entering the accounting field every day. They’re reshaping how things are done and their leadership emphasizes empathy, teamwork, and strategic thinking, all critical for navigating the details and nuances of accounting and financial reporting.

Challenges? Sure. Opportunities? Absolutely.

Women in the accounting field still face hurdles like pay gaps, fewer seats in the boardroom, and at times there’s an imbalance with work-life balance. But these challenges are opening doors for positive changes, more flexible policies, and mentorship programs aimed at empowering women.

The Value of Diversity

a group of women standing together giving a thumbs up

Diversity in the workplace isn’t just smart business, it’s a business necessity. Women in accounting bring diverse viewpoints, problem-solving skills, and innovative approaches to tackling complex financial issues. Their impact is about more than just numbers; they’re driving a profession that’s all about equality, diversity, and outright excellence.

As an employer, mentor, and advocate for outstanding work and having a rich and rewarding life outside of work, I’m proud to be part of this journey with such amazing women leading the way.