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Love Happens When You Create Mutual Respect

By February 1, 2024February 29th, 2024No Comments

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In almost every business, there’s a unique joy in witnessing your clients thrive. It’s no different here at One 8 Solutions. We believe in a foundation of mutual respect which is key for any successful partnership to grow – and we’ve been doing it for the last 22 years!

This month, we’d like to feature the journey of Akian and a couple of our other clients who have worked with us, listened to our advice, and have become rock stars. It’s a given that for any business relationship to flourish, you need trust, a customized approach to help solve their problems, and the buy-in and excitement of creativity and technological integration – especially in accounting!

The Akian Example – Turning a Rough Beginning into Success

Our experience with Akian Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning serves as a prime example of how mutual respect can transform a client relationship. Initially, Akian was just another plumbing, heating, and air conditioning company struggling to find its footing in a competitive landscape. Now, Jonathan Bello says, “they’re killing it.” Through open communication and a willingness to listen and adapt, “we watched them grow exponentially –- expanding their team, locations, and operations without overextending.”

This transformation wasn’t just about numbers. It was about building a relationship based on trust and respect. “We became not just their accountants but their trusted advisors, guiding them through financial complexities and celebrating their successes along the way.”

Client Testimonial Post - AkianRead the full testimonial here.

Client Celebrations Aren’t Limited to Financial Gains

At One 8 Solutions, our work goes beyond just balancing books. We take great pride in our clients’ achievements. For instance, two of our newer clients recently gained visibility and media exposure through interviews on Boston’s NPR news station, WGBH.

Jonathan knew that Urban Grape South End was being featured on NPR and was excited to listen, but when he caught the story about White Snake Projects, it was a complete surprise. “As an advisor”, he continues, “it’s incredibly rewarding to know that we’ve played a part in their company’s growth, and everyone on our team honors their achievements.”

“These success stories aren’t just about profitability,” he says. “They’re about recognizing and celebrating the hard work and innovation of our clients.”

The Trust Factor with Struggling Clients

Building Trust with your clients

The role we play as advisors, mentors, and in many cases a confidant, isn’t limited to marking milestones. At One 8 Solutions, we also provide crucial support to clients facing challenges – and establishing trust is key in these situations. By building a foundation of mutual respect, we can guide our clients toward becoming more profitable and help improve their liquidity.

“After 35 years in the accounting services business,” Jonathan Bello says in an interview with, “I know that the journey of turning a corner can be tough, but it’s incredibly gratifying to see a struggling business turn into a thriving one. That’s what gives me the ultimate satisfaction.”

Well-Matched Teams Radiate Power

A significant aspect of our accounting service is also making sure that our clients are paired with a team that fits in three ways: skills, personality, and competency. A customized approach to solving problems along with critical team input makes certain that our clients feel understood and valued, which supports a deeper level of mutual respect. (February may be the month of love, but doesn’t love start with mutual respect at any time of the year?)

Encourage Flexibility and Innovation

Other things that our clients love? Flexibility in our work schedule. It adds value to our client relationships because we’re not being tied to a strict 9-5 regime. We welcome adaptability and creativity so our team can focus on priorities and meet deadlines more efficiently. In an ever-changing business environment, this flexibility is appreciated by clients who want their work done right and on time, but without micro-managing the entire process.

As we grow, learn, and examine our love and respect for technology, you can read more on this in Accounting’s New Era – AI Driven Automation, our goal is to remain at the cutting edge of integrating accounting practices with tech advancements, in a creative and enthusiastic way. Our Founder’s journey from exploring accounting solutions in his first job to being named, “QuickBooks Online Integrations ProAdvisor of the Year” in 2019 by Insightful Accountant, highlights that same commitment: adapting technology to meet client needs. This passion for technology is shared across our team, with the goal of finding creative and efficient solutions for each and every one of our clients. Check out what our clients have to say here.

What Does the One 8 Solutions Team Want to Share?

Mutual respect remains at the core of everything we do for our clients, employees, vendors, and partners. We invite our team members at One 8 Solutions to share their thoughts and experiences. What do you love about working here? Any standout stories about your clients’ successes or innovative approaches in accounting? Your input is invaluable as we build a stronger team, listen to how you feel, and make improvements along the way.

Help us empower success and build respect, one client at a time.

One 8 Solutions continues to remain focused on trends in the local and global business community to ensure we have your best interest in mind. Setting your business up for success with accurate and efficient business expertise is what we stand for. Click here to schedule a no-cost, no-risk Zoom meeting to see how we can help you.