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QuickBooks® Online new features and improvements – June 2022

By June 24, 2022January 3rd, 2024No Comments

As summer sunshine peaks, it’s time to indulge in traditions or take off on new adventures. Knowing that you have places you’d rather be (and things you’d rather be doing) this month, we’ve streamlined import, sync, and connect capabilities across the QuickBooks® ecosystem—so you get more done with less effort.

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What’s new in June

New Mailchimp benefits for ProAdvisors

New accountant enablement page in QuickBooks Payments

Upgraded features with automatic matching for QuickBooks Payments

QuickBooks Payroll support of tax Form 943

Coming Soon: Intuit Tax Advisor

Check image auto-import feature in QuickBooks Online

Knowify Connector in QuickBooks Online Advanced

Formatted exports in Custom Report Builder with QuickBooks Online Advanced

Coming soon: Multi-factor authentication for QuickBooks Desktop Payroll

New Mailchimp benefits for ProAdvisors

Practice marketing and sales growth is a lot easier when you integrate Mailchimp with QuickBooks Online. If you’re a Gold, Platinum, or Elite tier ProAdvisor® and still on the fence, try it with 15% off paid plans (Essentials, Standard, and Premium), or upgraded email support on the free plan.

MailChimp PA
Mailchimp benefits:

  • More time to focus on your business:
    • Eliminate manual entry
    • Sync data in real-time
    • Save time, work more efficiently
  • Boost your marketing efforts:
    • Build comprehensive customer profiles
    • Send targeted, personalized email
    • Automate campaigns based on customers’ purchase cycles

Learn more with the video below, and check out another special video on how to integrate Mailchimp with QuickBooks from Hector Garcia, CPA.

New accountant enablement page in QuickBooks Payments

In a nutshell:  Choosing a payment solution can be a complex task. Now, it’s easier for you to have a conversation with your clients on the advantages of having an integrated payment system such as QuickBooks Payments with this comprehensive page that gives you an at-a-glance view of its offerings, pricing, and benefits. Learn more

Upgraded features with automatic matching for QuickBooks Payments

In a nutshell: Manually reconciling payments can be tedious and time consuming. The new auto-reconciliation feature is designed to save you and your clients’ time by using the bank ID to  automatically match bank deposits to payments.

You can find and view details on automatically matched transactions in Banking under the Categorized or Reviewed tab in QuickBooks Payments. Learn more

Payments copy

QuickBooks Payroll support of tax Form 943

In a nutshell: By the end of June, you and your clients can add agribusiness clients who require Form 943 to QuickBooks Online Payroll.

You can work with a diverse set of businesses and unify all their payroll tax requirements in one solution. New Core, Premium, and Elite Payroll customers will have the option to choose “Form 943 each year (agriculture)” when setting up payroll or adding it in Payroll Settings. AutoTax On customers will have the annual Form 943 filed for them, and AutoTax Off customers will be able to generate and file Form 943 on their own, starting with tax year 2022. Learn more


Coming soon: Intuit Tax Advisor

In a nutshell:  Build custom tax plans with data automatically generated from your Intuit® ProConnect™ Tax or Lacerte® Tax software.

Intuit Tax Advisor conveniently integrates with ProConnect and Lacerte, so you can proactively create personalized tax plans in minutes from prior returns, and generate smart, client-ready tax strategies and reports with ease.


  • Data sync with ProConnect Tax and Lacerte
    • Save time and see your data all in one place.
    • No scanning or manual data entry.
    • Built-in tax law updates.
  • Client-friendly reports
    • Show estimated tax savings.
    • Share straightforward and professional reports.
    • Track and diversify revenue.
  • Personalized tax plans
    • Get insights from data you already have.
    • Get more control with custom strategies.
    • Choose from the built-in strategy library.

Available to ProConnect and Lacerte tax users by Summer 2022. Learn more

Intuit Tax Advisor

Check image auto-import feature in QuickBooks Online

In a nutshell: This feature imports check images along with bank feeds from supported U.S. banks, so you and your clients can review images without leaving the bank transaction screen.

Current check transactions in bank feed carry very few details about the transaction. And while you wait for clients to respond with context, the transaction may remain uncategorized. With check image auto-import, you can understand at a glance what the check is for and match it to relevant sales receipts or invoices.

Check Image auto import

Knowify Connector in QuickBooks Online Advanced

In a nutshell: Knowify Connector brings simplified financial management for construction projects to QuickBooks Online Advanced, at no additional cost.

With Knowify Connector, you can sync construction projects, invoices, and expenses created in Knowify with QuickBooks Online Advanced.*

Streamline your project processes: Avoid dual data entry for projects created in Knowify and corresponding project financials in QuickBooks Online Advanced.

Track performance at a glance: Send project info from Knowify to QuickBooks Online Advanced, where you can use analysis tools to quickly gauge profitability.

See project updates in real time: Now your finance team operating in QuickBooks Online Advanced and your project managers operating in Knowify can work in sync using the latest project financials.

*Knowify and QuickBooks Online Advanced sold separately. Additional fees may apply. Requires a Knowify account and acceptance of Knowify’s terms and Privacy Statement.

Formatted exports in Custom Report Builder with QuickBooks Online Advanced

In a nutshell: Save time while creating custom reports by maintaining pre-configured groupings when exporting custom reports within Custom Report Builder to Excel.


  • Eliminate the need to manually re-configure grouping and formatting within your exported Excel files
  • Reduce errors made by manual input
  • Deep-dive into your data and analyze it how you want

Learn more


Coming soon: Multi-factor authentication for QuickBooks Desktop Payroll

In a nutshell: Adding multi-factor authentication to QuickBooks Desktop Payroll eliminates the need for you to remember, share and enter your payroll service PIN during payroll, making it safer and easier for you to pay your team.

Over the next few months, we’ll transition from the payroll service PIN currently in use for desktop users to a multi-factor login, where a unique verification code will be sent to the mobile phone number associated with the Intuit account each time.

With multi-factor authentication, you’ll be able to:

  • Get enhanced data security and protection for your payroll data.
  • Manage who does payroll for you and what they can access.
  • Enjoy a streamlined experience running payroll after you’re logged in.

Make sure you’re ready

  • Check if your Intuit Account is linked to the company file with the correct role.
  • Update or verify the phone number associated with your Intuit Account.
  • For Primary Admins only: Sign up for or sign in to your Intuit Account, invite additional payroll users to your account, and assign them the appropriate roles and status.


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