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QuickBooks® Payroll and Merchant Services 

By October 21, 2021September 7th, 2023No Comments

Is keeping up with payroll giving you a headache? 

Pay employees more easily with QuickBooks® Enhanced Payrollincluded with Enterprise Gold and Platinum, you can create unlimited checks, use free direct deposit, 10 file payroll taxes, and generate W-2s all with no monthly fees.

  • Pay employees quickly: Cut paychecks for W-2 employees and 1099 contractors in three simple steps: Just enter hours, approve time, and pay your team. 
  • Be ready for tax time: Federal and state payroll taxes are calculated for you automatically in QuickBooks. 
  • Simplify IRS forms: Enhanced Payroll automatically fills in the latest federal and most state payroll tax forms. Then all you need to do is click to e-file. 

Need More Help? With QuickBooks Assisted Payroll, included with Enterprise Diamond, we will take care of your payroll tax payments and filings for you—guaranteed accurate and on-time. You will be able to issue paychecks in minutes, and all compensation and tax calculations are automatically entered in QuickBooks. 

  • Guided payroll setup: Our payroll experts will help you get set up and answer any questions you might have. 
  • Pick paycheck preferences: Choose free direct deposit, printed checks, or both—whatever you prefer.
  • Start running payroll: Sign into QuickBooks and enter the hours your employees worked. When you are done, run payroll. 
  • We handle taxes: We take care of all your quarterly and year-end tax filings for you—guaranteed accurate and on-time. 

Are you tired of chasing your customers to pay their invoices?

  • If you are not currently accepting electronic payments, you should consider getting set up with a QuickBooks® Merchant Services account that fully integrate into QuickBooks. This is a critical component of controlling cash flow, so you do not jeopardize your company’s ability to operate efficiently.  
  • Get Set Up to Accept Payments Anytime and Anywhere. The ability to collect money owed at the time services are rendered or products are sold has a dramatic impact on cash flow. Reduce time and money spent on the billing process, collections, and more.​ Payments can be accepted anytime, anywhere, and QuickBooks can be updated at the time of the transaction. 
  • Recurring invoices with automatic payments (Autopay) Now, when customers view their recurring invoice to pay it, they simply check the box to agree to the recurring payment terms, and opt-in to be charged automatically going forward. Customers will receive a receipt every time they are charged and can cancel anytime. See how easy it is to set up Autopay in the video below. 

To learn more about QuickBooks Payroll and/or Merchant Services, Schedule Time a consultation or call (617) 332-8522.